About us

Prior to be a science or a trend, ECOLOGY is the WAY OF LIVING not just the world around us but the world inside us.


The performances of our products are characterized by a minimum or absent toxicological impact on man and environment, with respect of the materials.
Starting from the knowledge of raw materials, we select and prefer those traditional and natural during the study and formulation of products. They are integrated with modern and synthetic active ingredients, well known and certified, in order to give performances compliant with the most advanced requirements of conservation.

Our staff of chemists and petrographists formulates and tests products in our applied research lab. We carry out innovative research, even in collaboration with Universities and qualified suppliers, offering the highest specialization and affordability. In addition we offer our multi-decennial working experience on the field, transferred to operators with clear directions, with the aim to get the lowest toxicological impact of our chemicals on man and environment. BEL CHIMICA supplies the required documentation for all the products:Technical Data Sheet, Safety Data Sheet, Label constantly updated and compliant with the existing domestic and EC Regulations.


It is wrong and misleading to declare that what is chemical is dangerous, and what is natural is safe: just think about how many poisons exist in nature and how many medications are synthetized in a lab!

Chemistry is an exact science that studies the bases of Life and favours its progress. In our company to be ECOLOGICAL means to know – upgrade – inform. This are the reasons why we:

  • use 100% safe substances, with the lowest or absent toxicological impact on man and environment, since the time of formulation by our R&D Department.
  • know and respect the features of materials n order to give the best performance
  • give clear and reliable information to the users about our chemicals and related directions for use, involving the operators and following their professional education and related commitments.

All GEAL’s chemicals are noticed to the competent Authorities for Public Health and respect European Norms and Regulations for the safeguard of man and environment.

  • Norm regarding formaldehyde (UNI EN 14342:2005): all GEAL’s chemicals DO NOT contain pentachlorophenol; the presence of formaldehyde is unrelevant and the possible release is much below the legal limits during application and drying of the product itself.
  • Norm REACH (Reg. CE 1907/2006) regarding registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of use of chemical substances.
  • GEAL will comply Norm GHS (Global Harmonized System – Reg. CE 1272/2008) respecting deadlines, as soon as Directives 67/548/CEE and 1999/45/CE will be modified or canceled and the Regulation CE 1907/2006 will be modified
  • Norm VOC (Directive 2004/42/CE): limitation to the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds.
  • Norm DETERGENTS (Regulation CE 648/2004): limits of biodegradability of surfactants contained in detergents and obligation of notice of allergenic substances.