About us


Development, manufacturing and sales of chemical products for treatment, restoration and conservation of all absorbent building materials.

Bel Chimica Srl was born in July 2011 to give a new drive and manage the famous brand Geal, currently celebrating over 35 years of activity.

Thanks to its deep calling for Applied Industrial Research, GEAL transferred to scientific terms the antique experience of Tuscan craftsmen in the treatment of Cotto and Terracotta tiles.
Progressively its survey and operative domain was extended to conservative treatment and decay prevention of all the building materials used for civil and monumental construction.
Starting from the basic scientific research, the company formulates and develops advanced chemicals standing out for functional efficiency, cost-effectiveness and low environmental-toxicological impact.

The benefits are integrated with the Industrial Research to define the application techniques which satisfy any requirement from operators. The technical quality of our chemicals, from the point of view of innovation and performance, is the primary value of BeL Chimica which is constantly dedicated to use quality as the main commercial and marketing tool to improve its image and offer the most actual opportunities and the best service to Industry, Resellers and Users.

Nowadays and more than ever we are aware that the choice of best product and brand means trust and excellence. For this reason our products are not only the means to get a right profit but, with an increasing involvement, the reliable tool offered to industry and professionals for the best household care and maintenance.