for Stone & Ceramic

Natural look - Anti-decay

Water repellent


PE bottle1 litre / box 12 pcs
PE tank 5 litres / box 4 pcs
PE tank 10 litres / single piece

Cotto Stone Graniglie


Water repellent - Anti-damp - Anti-mould

indicative coverage: 5-10 sq.m per litre

What is it

Water based micro-emulsion of synergized silane/siloxane oligomers with high condensation rate into materials

How it works

Water repellent for all kinds of absorbent mineral materials: cotto, terracotta, bricks, plaster, concrete and aggregates • Stops and controls water seepage

How to use

Ready to use • Apply pure on cleaned surfaces, dry or uniformly wet, with a paintbrush, tampon or liquid spreader. Distribute it uniformly and remove possible excess • Avoid application on very hot or very cold surfaces (over 40 °C or below 5 °C) • Let it dry for 24/48 hrs at least before applying a second coat and following Geal's protection treatments such as Protect, Basoil, Unix or finishing Woplus • If a pre-treatment before floor grouting has been done, repeat application after grouting and acid wash • A preliminary dosage test is always adviced

Why to choose...

1. Keeps long-lasting action
2. Creates an anti-efflorescences and anti-mould barrier
3. Does not film nor alter the look of treated material
4. Makes easier the heavy-duty cleaning from cement and grouting

Technical Data Sheet, Label and Safety Data Sheet are made under EU Regulations. They give detailed information for the best use.

Water base