for Stone & Ceramic

Fast and deep action

Dedicated cleaner

PE tank 5 litres / box 4 pcs

Cotto Stone Graniglie


Alkaline detergent Anti-smog

indicative consumption: 2-4 sq.m per litre

What is it

Thick mix of inorganic alkalis, complexing agents, sulphate removers and surfactants

How it works

Strong alkaline viscous cleaner for the fast and total removal of hard black incrustations caused by pollution, soot and smog, and deposits of mildew, moss and lichens • Can be also used to remove oil and altered oil-wax treatments, thick polymeric films, resins and paints • Specific for walls and floors made of cotto tiles, stone, concrete and aggregates

How to use

Shake well before use • Apply uniformly with a paintbrush • After a few minutes rub with hard abrasive alkali-proof pads • Let it work until detachment of soil • Do not let it dry • Remove residue by a waterjet or an abundant rinse • Let the surface dry for 1-4 hrs; when the result is satisfactory wash with SERVICE ACIDO pure or diluited and rinse with clean water, gently rubbing • Repeat application of OC12 CLEAN if necessary  • OC12 CLEAN is meant for professional use. It might be used by specialized operators respection all technical and safety directions. Check compatibility with equipment, tools and devices utilized.

Why to choose...

1. Ideal for façades and plasters
2. Removes even waxy and pigmented graffiti

Technical Data Sheet, Label and Safety Data Sheet are made under EU Regulations. They give detailed information for the best use.

Water base