for Stone & Ceramic

without muriatic acid

Acid detergent

PE bottle 1 litre / box 12 pcs
PE tank 5 litres / box 4 pcs
PE tank 10 litres / single piece

Stone Graniglie


Descaler - Incrustation Remover

Indicative consumption: 5-10 sq.m per litre

What is it

Detergent based on sulphamic acid. Contains sequestering agents, surfactants and corrosion inhibitors. Free of strong acid (such as muriatic acid)

How it works

Removes efflorensces and residues of cement, lime, wallpaints, superficial rust

How to use

For unpolished stone, granite, marble and cast stone, acid-proof ceramic tiles • Pour the liquid, diluted or pure, and rub it with floor machine equipped with medium-hard discs or nylon brushes • Remove residue with wet vacuum or clothes/sponge • Rinse with water, vacuum and complete drying with a clean cloth • Repeat if necessary

Why to choose...

1. Does not exhale toxic vapours
2. Descale with controlled action
3. Can be used with scrubber-drier and pressure washer

Technical Data Sheet, Label and Safety Data Sheet are made under EU Regulations. They give detailed information for the best use.

Water base