for Stone & Ceramic

Sanitizes with vegetable extracts

Neutral detergent

PE bottle1 litre / box 12 pcs
PE tank 5 litres / box 4 pcs 

Cotto Stone Graniglie


Neutral Detergent with rinse-aid

Indicative consumption: depending on soiling and on dilution

What is it

Neutral detergent with rinse-aid, non-ionic surfactants, sanitizing and synergic agents with vegetable extracts

How it works

For ordinary and frequent cleaning: it removes soiling from any washable surface, even treated, and from grouts • Sanitizing action carried out by its active ingredients, both synthetic and natural, including vegetable extracts and spices • Recommended when sanitization is required along with clean • Rinse-aid agents with neutral pH contribute to save the materials and keep the shine of cleaned floors

How to use

Use pure or diluted up to 3-5% depending on the kind and soil to remove • For daily ordinary maintenance pour one glass of product in 4 litres of water • Rub the floor with soft cloth, sponge or mop, constantly rinsed and cleaned

Why to choose...

1. Does not damage treatment
2. Does not leave clouds nor dulling
3. Releases a pleasant scent
4. Contains bio-compatible sanitizing agents

Technical Data Sheet, Label and Safety Data Sheet are made under EU Regulations. They give detailed information for the best use.

Water base